THE CURRENT WAR Not Playing in Toronto?

Nicholas Hoult as Nikola Tesla in THE CURRENT WAR

I had grand plans for a “Tesla: The Life and Times Podcast Goes to the Movies” episode in which I reviewed The Current War…except The Current War doesn’t appear to be playing anywhere in Toronto currently.

I suppose, in a way, that’s not surprising. When an early cut of the film premiered here at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017 the response was…less than enthusiastic. Not to mention the movie got caught in the fallout of the Weinstein scandal, which hardly helped matters.

But the director did a new cut and rescored the movie and it finally got a North American release last Friday, October 25, 2019, just not in Toronto apparently… But if it’s not playing here (Canada’s largest city), well, I suspect it’s not really playing much of anywhere.

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Ultimately, we may have Martin Scorcese to thank for this movie seeing release at all. And I am still looking forward to seeing the film. I will do the review episode when the movie either comes to a second-run art house theatre nearby or when its available on-demand.

Until then, here’s a summary of the real history of the War of the Currents from TIME Magazine.